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Thursday, June 2, 2011


A make or Break moment. If this follows my fork I think the Bears have it in the bag

Squeeze Alert

Perhaps you have noticed an increase in my activity.
Yep, I generally try to alert you to the BIG changing points.

I acknowledge the fundamentalist even though I can't get my head around trading that way, but here is an interview with John Taylor I think both sides will be able to understand and agree upon.

The 20 has crossed below the 30 and is certain to cross below the 50 tomorrow.
Price remains below the 20, 50 and is currently below and testing the 100.
The 200 sits at 1249 e-mini.

There is a lot of resistance between 1328 the 1334. I doubt the market will push through that area.

I just read that scientists discovered a molten core on Jupiter's moon Lo. This shows excellence and these scientist obviously strive to be the best.

On the other hand the police in Chico only show up to take a report even though they were notified of a possible robbery in progress, and then tell the owner "Yes you have been robbed. it happens a lot" and leave without even taking finger prints.
Suggesting finger prints will only bring a look of bewilderment. The scientist on the other hand can even tell you how thick the surface of Lo is.

I award the fickle finger to the Chico,Ca Police!

I'm going to watch this stock. could have a strong breakout.

The range

Andrews Pitchforks made easy

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