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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am surprised that there was never a squeeze warning and this move became hot for only a few hours.

The Kase Peak Oscillator was hot all day. But look at the great signals these indicators were giving before the market began to fall.

On of my favorite indicators is this NegativeVolume Indicator, but it was slow to get on board.

Here is the Candle Stick Analysis:

I'm expecting a bounce to 1324 e-mini. We will see what happens next.

Check out these internals!

Price broke the 20, 30 50 and 100 MA today.
I'm not saying it will not bounce, but this was a serious attack by the Bears.

We have reached a breaking point.
It would not take much to push this over the edge.
Strong support may hold for a while longer but clearly this is close.

And Finally


Last night I said
Today Price hit my resistance lines as expected. Looks like the market may try one more pop to around 1348-1350 before it fails short term. My expectations are for the market to regroup around 1334 before heading toward the top tine of the Green Fork."

We have fulfilled that expectation. The market broke down on good volume, and therefore may not stop here. Price has now fallen into the lower channel of the fork. The next low volume level of support is near 1324-1328 area where the bottom of the fork also happens to be.

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