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Sunday, April 15, 2018

15 April 2018

Not a clear 5 count, but let's see how it works out

Wave [1] terminated 2530 on 2/9.
Wave [2] terminated 2805 on 3/12
Wave (i) terminated 2552 on 4/2
Wave (ii) terminated 2680 on 4/13
Wave three is about to begin, but it appears the market is correcting off the bottom of it's first wave down with a gap up opening for Wave 2.  This should appear as three waves (a b c)
Wave (1) was 255 handles.  Wave (3) should in theory equal that and  more.
1.6 times 255 equals 408 so a Wave (3) target of about 2400 might be expected.
There's support at 2610, 2484 and 2409.  These may prove to be areas where smaller fractals terminate.
I'm also finding an indication that 4/24 may be a significant date.

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