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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today's Black Spinning Top shows some indecision, and with a confirming Black Candle tomorrow could bring about a sell signal. I may be wrong but I've got a feeling any sell off will be short lived.

I started making my intraday updates on Twitter. The Twitter updates should be available to you in a more timely fashion. The Twitter updates are still in the experimental stage as I learn to use it. Click on the link at the top

Price is currently inside the Daily Kumo. This means that the Daily Kumo is no longer attracting Price back to it and will offer resistance near 1130 and support near 1095. The Weekly and Hourly Kumos are both below and will offer support if Price should happen to sell off.

Watch the forks for areas of support and resistance. I believe Price will test the Cyan fork, and it may fail.
Today Price tested the handle of the red fork. If Price breaks below the Yellow and White forks then expect the lower tine of the red fork t be tested.

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